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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bad Mood

..................Sorry apit coz aq mrah kow..tyulah len kli chat ngan mle2 camny

shafiq apit:hyr or uty
aku:hye or uytt
shafiq apit:lol

mmglah knew ngan aq coz hampir stiap ary cam tyu err..pas2 tady bergrau time aq ad prob nak pikir.

Pasal kkwan aq err biarlah walau sekali ponn ad dah knew surat merah..did i care and about my speaking english..actually i know i not clever like u..after i stay here half my subject is down so suck..suck damn...

and when i talk english in my facebook all said..i hate u talk english..u never got A in english..actually i just silent coz i dont want show sngat..start i school at here many my new friends hate me maybe she or her hate me!!!coz i feel like that

did i care but...actualy i care sikit...huhuhuhx about this i bad mood yesterday..and 1 things i go to shoping yesterday with my parents and my uncle..
i just got shoes..cause have a prob many thing i not buy..err so sad!!!

so aq ponn x thu blew ag nak pegi bnyak ag blom bli yg dah beli baju,suar and kasut...actually baju and suar bli time aq x dew my glases,perfume and adelah brang pribdi ckit lom bli...errr

so bad mood yesterday i have a prob i need someone my fwens syafiqah syahirah said...u need your G...
so said yes
SS:mabye she not on9 yesterday coz she so busy
I:yes she prepair her stl coz she will back to Malaysia..

so bad mood.................

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